moments // pondering

this morning cameron doesn't have school or work so he was able to sleep in. i woke up because my hips were killing me, so i filled the tub with warm water and laid in there for at least an hour. i laid in the tub, tickling my belly, knowing in 10 weeks we could be holding our baby girl. i thought about what her birth will be like, what color eyes she will have, if she will have cameron's toes. then i started to ponder what kind of relationship i want with her, what kinda of parent i will be and how i can better myself for her. all of these things are overwhelming, excited and will not all be answered for some time. but i am so excited for the journey of parenthood to begin and to meet and love our girl.

i am feeling much better after figuring out this whole anemia thing. my pregnancy is getting more and more uncomfortable by the day at this point but i can't complain. our little girl is so active and constantly swimming, flailing, kicking, head-butting and booty-bumping. it can be bothersome at times, but i love knowing she's there.

i have started working less days a week. i've gone from working 5 days a week to working just 3. it has made a huge difference. my body was so tired and achy before and now I am usually just tired, not so achy.

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