i am now 31 weeks along in my pregnancy and woah, my belly looks big! i received my first few stretch marks last week and naturally i was disappointed, but then i accepted them and feel kind of proud to have them. it's a reminder of our healthy, growing baby inside of me and how every second we are witnessing a miracle. its still unreal to me that one day i wont have this belly and instead we'll have a baby. the day is getting closer and closer and i feel ready to take on whatever it is that will be required of me as a mother. and i know cameron feels the same about being a father. nothing is sweeter than him kissing my belly before he leaves to work or school and then  first thing when he gets home.

i cannot wait to shower our baby girl with all the love my heart has. i often go into the nursery and just imagine in my mind what it will feel like when i go in there to a crib with a sleeping baby in it. what it will feel like to have her on the changing table putting her into a little outfit handpicked just for her. i imagine laying in bed and peeping my eyes open to see her sleeping peacefully in a bassinet next to us. my mind seems to always be wandering to these dreams of being with our girl. and soon, these won't be dreams. i feel overwhelmingly grateful that god has entrusted cameron and i to be earthly parents of his child.

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