moments // love

yesterday was Cameron's birthday. tomorrow is valentines day. today is the day between the two where I found myself thinking of how grateful I am for him and trying to grasp the amount of love I have for him. that's something I still haven't been able to comprehend. I love that he is always so happy and laughing and fun and romantic and positive and handsome. I made this playlist for him and also for my enjoyment. the first song is a very special song to us. in high school we always said lyrics from it to each other and it was "our song". years later, we learned to play it on the ukulele together. the day Cameron proposed to me, he gave me a card with the song's lyrics written in it. later that night when he proposed the song was playing softly in the background. and lastly, on our wedding day we danced to it for the first time as husband and wife.

kiss the one you love today, remind them how sweet they make your life and thank God for teaching us unconditional love.

sea of love // cat power
cuddle fuddle // passion pit
i only have eyes for you // summer camp
love love love // of monsters and men
unrequited love // lykke li
reasons to love you // meiko
let your love grow tall // passion pit
just like heaven // katie melua