I had been wanting a photo of Cameron and I while I am pregnant so one day we can show our little squirt. We joked about having our cat, Pizza, in the picture but all joking aside he's a part of the family. Things have been very different in our lives lately. During the summertime Cameron wasn't in school and was only working and I was out of a job for a while. Then all at once, school started back up for Cameron and he is still working and I got a new job. Our schedules are both busy and mostly opposite so Sundays are our favorite because we are both home and can be together and catch up. 

About my pregnancy. I am 16 weeks pregnant now and I woke up one day and it was like suddenly the baby appeared! I finally feel pregnant. My morning sickness has gone away, at least it has for the past few days *crossing fingers*. That alone made all the difference. I finally feel normal except I can't sleep comfortably and I am very hungry and thirsty and my skin is dry and my hips hurt and well, you get the point. We find out in 4 weeks if we are having a boy or girl and we cannot wait! We both have an idea of what we feel it's going to be, though. I am so thankful I have been healthy and everything has been fine with the baby thus far. And of course, I am thankful for such an awesome husband who has been taking out the cat litter, doing the laundry and cleaning the dishes because I have been so tired or nauseous or simply because I cannot. He is going to be an awesome father. I daydream about seeing Cameron's face when he first holds our baby and gives it kisses. *heart melting*

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