I just knew it, my body and my heart were telling me. I took 4 pregnancy tests in one day, all saying positive. Then Cameron finally believed me. It was a total shock. There were tears, doubts, smiles and fears. We slowly got excited to be having a little child. We have laid in bed so many nights and laughed about things we would say in high school to each other and feeling like they are coming true. We are going to be a family and we can cuddle every night and being married to each other is the best, just like we had hoped for at so young of an age.

I am 11 weeks pregnant now and it has been really hard. Making a human is hard work but I never wish I wasn't pregnant with this baby. I am realizing what it means to have a motherly love. I would do anything for this little baby and we don't even know if it is a boy or girl yet! 

I have a husband who is so sweet to me and a husband who is so excited and loving towards our baby and a husband who treats my cat like it is our child. He is just the best ever. I feel overwhelmed and excited to be a mother and be expecting a child. My life is so precious and I feel undeserving of it at times. 


  1. Ahh what a sweet post. Kudos to Cameron for being such a good guy. Yes it is hard work making a human but just wait.....raising a human is even harder but I know you will be a good Mamma!

  2. 6 in one day?! that aint no etch-e-sketch...haha. you two are cute

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