With the start of a new life together I decided--we need a blog. A journal of our life from here on out. 

We get married in 25 days *gasp* and we literally cannot wait. With that being said, most all of the planning is done and so we are just waiting around.

 I moved into our future home a week or two ago and it's becoming a home little by little. Cameron has his music making studio as he likes to call it. I, nor Pizza, are allowed in that area. By "area" I mean a desk he found on the side of the road for free and hauled into the place. Pizza has his area too. He sits on top of the bookshelf under the window most of each day or napping on the bed. Right now he is staring in complete awe at the rain hitting the window. It's his first time ever seeing this. Tender moment for a mother *tear*. I will have my area soon, we just need to find another desk and then I can have my arts & crafts area. 

Cameron and I talk about how one day we will look back and laugh at our small little studio that we lived in together when we first got married. But for now, it's perfect. 


  1. Hey Dani
    I have a small craft table you can have if you want it. it's small card table.
    Let me know and we can bring it to you.
    Charlene B

  2. That would be awesome! We can just borrow until we find something. You are too nice!