We bought a chair today. It reclines. You should know now that I love things that are throw up yellow, pea soup green and dried up mustard color. This chair falls under the dried up mustard category. It was $15 from the thrift store. A drunk guy there told us it was the ugliest thing he has ever seen and couldn't believe we were getting it. But he also told me I should be in Vegas or Wyoming as long as it was far away from "that guy" meaning Cameron. So obviously he knows nothing. It made me want it even more. It was an adventure getting it into the car and getting up the flight of stairs to our place. But once we did it looked perfect in the corner with a pillow on it. We left again for a few minutes to buy me some shampoo and conditioner and we came home to Pizza claiming it as his own. Since then he has not left the chair. He is napping on it right now. I love him. I love my new chair. I love Cameron for hauling it up the stairs and allowing me to get the ugly stuff I like. 

Before you look at this picture I want to warn you that following this blog means a lot of Pizza pictures. Sorry. 

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