Norah Pearl Bennett / Birth Story

My due date was April 28th and it had already gone and passed. It's a strange feeling waking up days after your due date and still not having a baby. I found myself in tears at least once a day with a prayer in my heart that the right time would be soon. On Sunday, May 4th I felt that my water might be leaking, so Cameron and I headed to the hospital around 3 pm. They checked and my water had not broken. I felt disappointed. I had been scheduled for an induction that night and hoped I would naturally go into labor before then. The hours were running out though and since I was already at the hospital Cameron and I along with our doctor decided to begin inducing labor right then.

My doctor came and broke my water, informed me I was 4 cm dilated and then allowed me one hour to begin having natural contractions before turning to Pitocin. No contractions. Pitocin was given to me the next hour. Slowly I began to contract. I moved from the bed to a rocking chair to a birthing ball to the wall to Cameron. Nothing seemed to be helpful. The contractions were coming every minute or two. I wanted to walk or get in the tub but because of the Pitocin I had to be monitored at all times. I was disappointed but it had been 4 hours so I thought maybe if I had made progress it would give me the push I needed to continue.

I was still 4 cm dilated. Not what I wanted to hear but I just kept working with the pain. I was breathing the way I had practiced for so long. My mom was rubbing and pushing on my back and knees. I was thinking of my baby and reminding myself that I was strong. The pain increased and the contractions grew closer together. I sat on a birthing ball with Cameron in front of me encouraging me through each contraction. I was exhausted. I started to become dizzy and nauseous so I got back into the bed afraid I might lose balance on the ball. It had been another 4 hours so I figured I must be progressing and wanted to be checked. The nurse again said I was still 4 cm. 

My dizziness, chills, nausea and overall pain became unbearable. I was exhausted with no signs of progression. In between contractions I began telling Cameron I wasn't sure I could continue like this. He talked with me, encouraged me and then eventually allowed me to make my decision. I told the nurse I wanted an epidural. She too also talked with me to make sure I was positive this was what I wanted after all. The anesthesiologist was in my room in a matter of minutes. He put my epidural in and within fifteen minutes my lower half became numb. The pressure was still there, but the pain went away. I was able to fall asleep for about 4 hours. When I woke up the pressure was really intense. I was checked and I had dilated to 4.5 cm.

I could feel the pressure increasing rapidly and told my nurse. She checked me again and within a short time I progressed from 4.5 to 5 to 6 to 7. The next few hours are a little bit blurry. My contractions were strong and the pressure was so strong I became nauseous and began getting chills. My temperature was rising and I was getting a fever. I was given antibiotics through my IV to help decrease any risk of infection. I fell asleep for a few minutes only to wake up vomiting. I felt much better after throwing up and I wanted to push. I told my nurse I wanted to push but I wasn't completely effaced. One side of my cervix was still there and they were worried it could tear if I began pushing. I wanted to push so badly, the pressure was telling me to push. Finally the nurse decided we could try pushing. 

With my Mom helping push my back forward and Cameron holding one of my legs and the nurse holding my other leg I began to push. Our baby began moving down and I could feel her coming closer to us. Cameron reached down and touched her head and then so did I. I wanted her to be here so badly. I pushed harder. She began to crown and finally within a few more pushes she was out. The umbilical cord was very short so Cameron cut the cord and then they lifted her up and placed her on my chest. She was perfect. I was a mother. Cameron was a father. She was here. And she was ours.

She was born at 9:18 am on Monday, May 5th 2014 weighing 7lbs 15oz and was 20 inches long. Her name is Norah Pearl Bennett. 

All 18 hours of labor to get her here were the most challenging hours of my life. The amount of prayers I had in my heart are countless. The love and support I felt from my Dad who was there for the beginning of my labor, my Mom who was there from start to finish and from Cameron who was there every second was immeasurable. I am changed forever. Norah is filling my heart with a love I never knew before.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and well written story. I am so happy baby Norah is here