s p r i n g

i am sitting in our bedroom writing this with all the windows open and the warm sun beating down on me. pizza is laying out on the balcony soaking up all the sun. i have my shirt pulled up so baby girl can feel the warmth too. i am hoping that tells her the time for us to meet is close. we are two and a half weeks away from being 40 weeks and i am so ready to meet her. 

monday i woke up and was sleeping almost completely on my stomach. i immediately was confused how my body allowed me to do that and also why i hadn't woken up the second i rolled over. i got up from bed and ate breakfast. a few hours passed and i hadn't felt her move. i suddenly got an overwhelming feeling that told me i needed to do something. i tried pushing on her, doing squats, walking around--anything to feel her move. but, nothing. cameron was at work, so i called our friend brett to take me to the hospital. after arriving i was hooked up to some monitors. the second i heard her heartbeat on the monitor i was immediately relived. it was such a comforting sound. i was asked to stay on the monitors for an hour and to see if she would start moving. brett left to work, so i was alone in a huge hospital room with her heartbeat playing on the speakers. i prayed to god that everything would be okay and if it was to show me. that very second she kicked. it had been about a half hour or so-- it was about 2:30 pm. it was my first time feeling her since i had gone to sleep the night before. i was so relieved and began thanking god for the continuous blessings her pours over our family. i laid in that hospital bed, in the hospital i will give birth to our girl and i felt so close to her. i will see her face in that same building soon. each little movement she makes now feels like a blessing and a reminder to me that god is almighty and always listening to my cries for help. pregnancy is hard, there is no doubt about that, but i have learned it can be enjoyed and accepted. i try to not complain about the pain or being uncomfortable because i am blessed to have a body that can conceive a child, grow a child and soon birth a child. we are blessed to have the ability to create a family.

side note: baby has been moving normal since that day and there are no worries.

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  1. I can't wait either. Very excited to meet her. Also, big thanks to Brett!