Yesterday, just like I had hoped-- Cameron bought me a desk. We got it at the D.I. It is the perfect size and in great shape. Once we bought it and began carrying it to a lovely friends car (Thanks, Jake! No way it was fitting in mine.) we realized it actually is an art desk too! The top can be brought up and locked in different angles-- just like an easel. It was a match made in heaven for me. Once we got it in the perfect place, I immediately went through all of my art things, organized them and put them away in the drawers and cubbies.  I love it!

In general, I think I rearrange things in the house a few times a week. I'm trying to get it just right. The hard part is that right now I just have my twin bed but once Cameron and I are married we will be getting a larger bed, as well as gifts and things that will be given as wedding gifts. It's driving me crazy there is no rug, but we figure we will wait until we have gift cards from our wedding to purchase one. Also, there's nothing on the walls which makes me feel like I actually do live in a box. But just like the rug, we're waiting a little while to buy all of the art for the walls and get it hung up. So as you see there isn't much I can actually do, but I am still driving myself crazy over it. Sounds about right. 

But I love this little (no seriously, little) place and once it is all put together I will post pictures! 

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  1. Well....after today I am sure things will be more fun/difficult as far as decoration goes.