First, I have to start by announcing: LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL WE ARE MARRIED!

Okay, now that I've gotten that out I can focus. This week felt unusually long since I was sick. You know that feeling when you know at any second snot could come dripping out of your nose? Yeah, I had that all week. I stayed home one day when I literally couldn't move from my bed and Pizza snuggled me the whole day and gave me nose kisses. He knows when I need extra loves. But now it's Saturday (I'm still sick, but who cares? I don't have work today!)

This upcoming week I will be in a hussle and bussle to get things done!

1. Packing for California- I'll need everything for the bridal shower, the wedding, the honeymoon and all the days in between. Good thing I have a suit case that takes up half of my closet. 

2. Getting my eyelash extensions done-- for the first time ever!

3. Giving Cameron and Pizza lots of kisses to make up for the time I won't be with them.

4. Freaking out (in the excited way) about getting married!

Excited for Cameron to get off work because we are going to try and find me a desk at the D.I. for my craft area. Because without an occasional craft or painting-- I'm going crazy. Hopefully we find one!

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