o n e m o n t h

one month ago (from the 5th. I'm a few days late) our lives changed forever. I remember the moment I first laid eyes on Norah perfectly. It is a memory I will never let my mind dilute. I remember the world seemed to stop and I could hear nothing but her sweet little cry and I could see only her little face. I said out loud "she's perfect." I think that was my way of saying to God that I acknowledge she is His child and was sent to us. Only He could make such a perfect little girl. And with tears streaming down my face I felt the happiest I had ever felt before.

Everyday since then has been beautiful and challenging. But it has been a journey I have wanted to take my whole life. Norah is my girl, and I cannot describe the love I have for her. I feel so lucky to be her mother. 

One month went so fast. And I'm sure the next one will go fast too. Where do I press the rewind button? 

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