Norah & We Wander Floral

Norah and I got together with the talented Brenna Williams also known as We Wander Floral. I am so lucky to have artistic friends. The flowers were gorgeous and Norah was as sweet as can be. I can't help but look at these photos and be in complete awe for how blessed I am to have such a beautiful little girl as my daughter. God makes no mistakes, she is perfect. 

I began reflecting on the sameness of nature and children. Both are beautiful and unique, fragile and delicate, both need love and attention to grow. They are two of God's greatest gifts to us. He is the ultimate artist and creator. 

Here are a few of my favorites.

The lighting is really bad on the next two photos, but they were too cute not to share...

Flowers by We Wander Floral at www.wewanderfloral.com


  1. Love the water photos! Especially since she likes a bath.

    1. Oh yeah, she was loving the bath. especially since we barely filled it so she could lay down and kick. She was coo-ing and smiling.

  2. She is so perfect! I absolutely love all of these pictures