p r e g n a n c y d r e a m s

Last night I had a dream that was very vivid. I dreamed I was rushed into the hospital two days before expecting our child and was ready to deliver. The baby was then taken to the NICU and had to stay there for five days before Cameron and I could even hold her. I cried and cried and cried. I had felt robbed of my birthing experience because things hadn't gone as planned and then I couldn't even have my baby. Finally when we held her she had dark brown hair with hazel eyes and she was so small and perfect. She was wrapped in a pink and white striped blanket and I wanted to take her out of it and see every part of her. I was in love with her. She was a miracle.

Although this was all a dream, and pregnant women have their share of crazy dreams, it spoke to me. I can read and read my birthing books and have a plan and expect everything to go a certain way. But sometimes that doesn't happen. And it's okay. Just seeing her little face in my dream is enough to let me know I just need her. It's all about her.

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