Things got crazy busy for a while there, so let me catch you up on our life since I last posted:

I cut my hair.

We got another kitten. His name is Sampson. I am in love with him. Now I've got three boys-- Cameron, Pizza and Sampson. So at least if I have girl human kids one day, I have my two sons that I always wanted.

We went on some horribly long and hard hikes.

I cut my hair even shorter.

I passed my cosmetology licensing tests for Utah.

My brother's family came to visit and Kyle turned one.

We went indoor rock climbing.

We went golfing.

I started a little business selling secondhand and handmade things.

We went to Antelope Island with friends, Brenna & Lynden.

My brother got a cat.

We went camping with friends, Brandon and Joe.

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