Our home is not finished. It's not even close to being done. I mean, we don't even have a bed right now--don't worry though, it's been shipped.  I still have more organizing and decorating and re-arranging to do.  But it's getting there. My next exciting project is to get all of our art up on the walls! For now, I will share a few details from around the house. I will share the whole house when it is finished.

These are just a few details of things I love around our home. I love the vintage pillows sewn together by a friend, the thrifted yellow doily another friend gave to us, the beautiful succulents, the piece of wood Pizza uses for his food, the gold "date" turner I begged Cameron's grandma for and the hand-painted ends on leftover bonfire wood. I can look around our home and see our friends and families faces, memories and lots of love. Each item seems to have a story and I love inviting them to be a part of our home.

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