We don't have a lot of money. So, I love a bargain. I wanted to share some examples of things I've loved online at ridiculous prices and then found the cheaper alternative! (I'm really proud)

 Urban Outfitters Dreamcatcher: $29 // Our Dollar Tree Dreamcatcher: $1
 Urban Outfitters Record Storage Shelf: $69 // Our Record Storage Shelf from the D.I. Thrift store: $5
 Urban Outfitters Woven Wire Trash Can: $29 // Our Dollare Tree Woven Wire Trash Can: $1
Urban Outfitters Mexican Fiesta Blanket: $24 // Our blanket from Old Town San Diego: $15

The key is to study things you like and always keep your eye out for something similar. It doesn't happen right away. I've been wanting a record storage shelf for... forever, like years and I barely found it this week. So, give it time. It's worth the wait when it saves you money!


  1. Look at you making a super awesome post about saving money! Great buys

  2. Great buys AND the San Diego blanket is probably a bit more authentic.