I have the worst case of pregnancy brain today.

I went to fight a parking ticket I got yesterday because I entered the wrong parking space number.
Found out I went to the wrong building. Went to the correct building and got lost inside.
(Miracle #1: they dismissed my ticket)

Decided to go to the library and paid for parking, making sure to enter the right space number.
Got inside, lost track of time, realized my time expired one minute ago and ran to the car to put in more time. Yes, imagine: a pregnant woman running in a library. That breaks a lot of rules.
(Miracle #2: I didn't fall flat on my face in the middle of the road.)

Back inside the library, I get my books from the man at the front desk that I practically threw at him screaming, "I'll be back, don't put them away, my paarrrkkinnnggg..". Checked out. Left the library.
(Miracle #3: I didn't have millions of dollars in late fees.)

So, now I am a few blocks away driving and realize- my water bottle. I left my water bottle in the library on a shelf. I normally wouldn't have cared but I just bought this fancy water bottle for like ten bucks and I wasn't going to leave it. So back to the library I go. With the few coins I have left I am only able to muster up enough for 5 minutes of parking. Find my beloved water bottle on the shelf just where I left it.
(Miracle #4: A bum wasn't sitting there drinking from it.)

Make it out to my car with no time to spare before my meter runs out. Decide I will go to the bank. I'm driving forever and realize I completely passed the bank and I am blocks away with no easy way to turn around. Forget it. Time to go home.
(Miracle #5: I made it home.)

And also, in case you were wondering all I could think about while all of this was happening was:  french fries.


  1. Hmmmm I think I may be preganant..... that sounds like a lot of my days.

  2. This made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants!